2) As a parent, it is important to teach your child basic values – kindness, honesty, decency, and respect. When they get older and go to study at a university, they’ll have to be able to socialize well. Diligence and hard work will help them through any task they might face in life – driving a car, writing an informative essay, or finding a new apartment to rent. If you’re given a task to write about values, emphasize the importance of good interpersonal relations. Your writing should come off as non-judgmental and unbiased. Using many adjectives helps when describing human personality. It does not come easy if you don't practice writing skills and don't master proofreading daily.


How do innovators think?

We came across the following in Nate Silver’s The Signal and Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail, But Some Don’t (2012.)

Good innovators typically think very big and very small. New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look. And, sometimes, they are found when you are doing your most abstract and philosophical thinking, considering why the world is the way it is and whether there might be an alternative to the dominant paradigm. Rarely can they be found in the temperate latitudes between these two spaces, where we spend 99% of our lives.

These thoughts really make sense when we think about the vital how-to aspects of creating better lives. To be successful, we need to really dig into the day-by-day, moment-by-moment habits that keep us rooted in the status quo. At the same time, we need to stay open to “big” ideas; ideas that have the potential to fundamental change our perspective on who we are and how we can be in the world.