2) As a parent, it is important to teach your child basic values – kindness, honesty, decency, and respect. When they get older and go to study at a university, they’ll have to be able to socialize well. Diligence and hard work will help them through any task they might face in life – driving a car, writing an informative essay, or finding a new apartment to rent. If you’re given a task to write about values, emphasize the importance of good interpersonal relations. Your writing should come off as non-judgmental and unbiased. Using many adjectives helps when describing human personality. It does not come easy if you don't practice writing skills and don't master proofreading daily.


Religion – Debasement, Inspiration, Lessons Learned

Radical Decency is an approach to living that touches on all aspects of living. A recent Radical Decency blog, entitled Religion, Debasement, Inspiration, Lessons Learned, included this quote:

“Fully committed to Radical Decency’s values, our hope is this: Each of us will embody the best in our chosen religious tradition and, crucially, be a clear voice, within that tradition, for resisting the ever present temptation to compromise these ideals for the sake of money, members, and power. Then (to complete our dream), these like-minded religious people, and their secular sisters and brothers, with a growing recognition of their common purposes, will knit together into a powerful, perhaps even irresistible force for creating better lives and a more humane and decent world. One can only hope . . . and have faith.”