2) As a parent, it is important to teach your child basic values – kindness, honesty, decency, and respect. When they get older and go to study at a university, they’ll have to be able to socialize well. Diligence and hard work will help them through any task they might face in life – driving a car, writing an informative essay, or finding a new apartment to rent. If you’re given a task to write about values, emphasize the importance of good interpersonal relations. Your writing should come off as non-judgmental and unbiased. Using many adjectives helps when describing human personality. It does not come easy if you don't practice writing skills and don't master proofreading daily.


An Exciting New Direction: Membership Now Available in The Decency Group

We are embarking on an exciting new direction for the new season!

Spring of 2016 is the start of a very special year at The Decency Group – and we hope you will be a part of it!

We have expanded our mission to becoming a member-based organization, even as we continue to offer our uniquely integrated consulting services. Our new, more robust TDG is now offering a rich and growing stable of member-oriented initiatives – all designed to explore the implications of Radical Decency, and to make it a growing reality in our lives and in the world.

There are so many reasons to become a member We have something to offer everyone:

Are you a devoted reader of our founder, Jeff Garson’s Radical Decency Reflections?
Jeff is offering a members-only Monday afternoon webcast to discuss the week’s Reflection.

Are you hungering for intelligent discussion and ongoing support, as you strive to live differently and better?
Become a regular participant in TDG’s Membership Connection, our members-only Facebook Group.

Are you looking for other like-minded business people, as serious as you are in wanting to bring decency to the workplace?
Join our Members’ Business Affinity Group.

And this is just the beginning! 

As we go forward, we will be creating an ever-expanding roster of member programs. Check us out – and explore our complete list of programs – and become a member today! Check out our membership informational page.

We are confident all of the benefits that come with our $100/year membership will, in short order, make that investment a distant afterthought.

To learn more, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]